Separate Login for School, Parents and Students

  • Dashboard for Academic Heads (Principals)
  • Admin / Teachers Login
  • Dashboard for Management
  • Parents Login
  • Student Login

Dashboard for User (common for all the logged in users)

  • Students, Staff Attendance
  • Calendar & Year Planner
  • News Board
  • Upcoming Events
  • Timetable Summary

Dashboard for System Administrator

  • Student Attendance Graph
  • Staff Attendance Graph
  • Subject Management

Dashboards for Principal

  • Class Details Attendance
  • Teachers Performance
  • Class Performance
  • Timetables
  • Events
  • Sports

Dashboards for Teachers

  • Class Details
  • Homeroom Details
  • Students Performance Summary
  • Teacher’s Time Table
  • Homeroom Time Table
  • Homeroom Attendance

Dashboards for Parents

  • Link students from multiple Colleges/Institutes
  • Overall performance chart
  • View timetable, year planner & News board
  • View assessment & Progress Reports
  • Analyse subject wise performance
  • Analyse overall performance
  • View attendance
  • View child library access history

Students Dashboard

  • Timetable
  • Year planner
  • Upcoming events
  • Class forum
  • Communication with Lecturers and peers
  • Library access
  • Download online resources and study materials

Student Detail Page

  • One page student summary which shows entire information about a student
  • Summarised view of all the students with advance filtering option
  • Record all the basic and advance details of students
  • Electronically manage the documents related to students
  • ID card printing

Student Management – New Admission

  • Online Application
  • Manage new admissions with status
  • Electronically manage admission all related documents
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Entrance exams and interviews can be managed
  • Manage Passports, Birth Certificates and other documents with expiry date for future notification

Teachers and Staffs Main Page

  • Manage Teachers, Admin staffs and other employees with all related details
  • Electronically manage documents
  • User definable reports
  • Multiple Designations
  • Documents and Attachments with status
  • View details of lecturer and other Admin staffs

Teachers and Staffs Detail Page

  • View details of Teacher and other Admin staffs
  • Manage visa, passports and other documents with expiry

Parent Main Page

  • Maintain parents details
  • Electronically manage documents of parents

Parents Detail Page

  • Detail view of the parents
  • Advance segregation of parents details

Teacher’s Subject Planning

  • Create subjects for each teachers
  • Search and filter details by teacher, class and group

Parents Teacher Communication

  • Parents, Teacher communication
  • Attachment facility in the communication for related supporting documents
  • Notifying parents and Lecturers for any new message through mobile App
  • SMS Gateway integration

Students & Staff Attendance

  • Manage students attendance in new way with a click of a button
  • Notify parents about the attendance
  • Staff attendance with relief setup options based on the timetable
  • Link with machine attendance or RFID

Student Assessment - Primary

  • Assessments for primary classes with advance grading system
  • Parents can view the assessment online

Student Assessment – Term Report

  • Automatic term report building based on mark sheet
  • Access to parents to view the term report online

Timetabling – Main Page

  • Advanced timetabling
  • Automated Timetable Generation
  • Customize the timetable based on school requirement

Timetabling – Detail

  • New way of working with timetable planning
  • Automatic notification of any clashing subjects
  • More controls over Limited Lessons per week/day and Omit subjects
  • Drag and drop features on setup lesson timings (Manual adjustment in the timetable)
  • Relief Lesson allocations
  • Lesson swapping options to easy clash management
  • Search and filter details by Lecturer class and group
  • Day wise lesson count

Year Planner

  • Prepare year planner much and fun and easy way
  • Upcoming events will be notified on the Dashboard and Mobile apps based on year planner
  • Parents, lecturers & Admin staff can view the year planner online
  • Week view/Add/Edit options

Exams & Reports

  • Multiple Exams
  • Exam marking scheme
  • Linked to Grading
  • Week view/Add/Edit options
  • Options to include marks for term reports
  • Setup class/subject wise
  • Automatic report building based on mark sheet
  • Access to parents to view the report online

Library Main Page

  • Manage multiple libraries
  • Membership
  • Advance booking management
  • Fees and Fine setup
  • eBooks

Library Detail

  • Advance book management
  • Online lending
  • Allow students to reserve the books online
  • Categorise/Classify books
  • Option to enable for lending/reference

Student House

  • Manage school houses
  • Automatic allocation of students to houses
  • Manage house position

Course Material

  • Lecturers and Admin staffs can upload Audios, Videos, Documents, Images, YouTube links Etc for student references.
  • Parents And Students will be able to View the course materials from their logins.
  • All course materials can be managed electronically.

News Board

  • Create news and published to parents and staff
  • Special alert system for news

Fee Management – Main Page

  • Advance fee setup and online fee payments
  • Access to parents to see the outstanding payments with payment history

Fee Management – Detail Page

  • Collect multiple fees in one document
  • Configure fee structure as per school’s policy

Parents - Progress Analysis

  • Analyse subject wise performance
  • Analyse overall performance
  • Analyse term performance

Parents - Exam Marks

  • Detail report on marks and grading for each subject
  • Multiple analysis of child’s performance report
  • View public exam results

Parents - Term Reports

  • Term report for each term
  • Communicate with teacher online on the term report
  • Online approval of report

Parents - Child Attendance

  • Attendance history of the child with drilldown

Parents - Communication with Teachers

  • Communication with teachers & school
  • Easy filtering and sorting options
  • Submit supporting details online

Student - Home Page

  • Timetable
  • Year planner
  • Upcoming events
  • Class forum
  • Class forum
  • Communication with teachers
  • Library access

Student - Library Access

  • Access library resources online
  • Lock books online
  • Download online resources and study materials

Mobile Version - Parents

  • Mobile version of SRP with notification and alert system
  • News board
  • School summary reports

Mobile Version - Teachers

  • Mobile version of SRP with notification and alert system for teachers and principals

Mobile Version - Students

  • Mobile version of SRP with notification and alert system

Build-In Learning Management System

  • On-Demand Videos
  • On-Demand Audio Lectures with Support Documents
  • On-Demand Documents
  • Integrated Virtual Live Classrooms with BBB-Coming Soon
  • MCQ Questions